Dyslexia United's goal is to be a resource that celebrates the gifts of the dyslexic mind. Our hope is to empower children and their families by helping them navigate their way
with their self-confidence and self-esteem intact.

"Once you learn to read, 
you will be forever free."
- Frederick Douglass

Dyslexia United was founded in 2019 by two Minnesota moms who know firsthand the effects of dyslexia on a young person and their family as they both have a son diagnosed with this silent disability. Due to the lack of accessible resources for dyslexic children and their own fight to get their sons what they need, they were compelled to pay it forward and create a nonprofit that would be dedicated to advocating, supporting and helping others in their dyslexia journey.


Dyslexia United is fully funded by the support and generosity of others.
Donate today and help give a dyslexic student every possibility for their future.